“I cannot recommend Ortus Coaching enough.  I met Cari at a significant point in my career and she guided me through a time of enormous change.  Cari is warm and approachable which makes it easy to work with her.  Her coaching style allows you the time to reflect and challenges you in a safe space. 

My time with Cari will stay with me and will influence how I make choices both in my professional life as well as my personal one, as I came out of all the sessions with tangible tools to deal with a variety of different situations.”

Biddy, CEO

“I began coaching with Cari at a time in my life when I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and lost. Through coaching, and with Cari's guidance, I was able to pinpoint the main issues in my life and we developed tools and strategies to use for when I felt overwhelmed. The work we did together was at times challenging. Discussing what was stressing me out or upsetting me could be difficult, but part of the process. However, I have never felt better! I now feel far more in control of my main issues and know that if I do come up against another road bump, I have the tools to deal with it before it gets too much for me.

Thank you Cari, you were an amazing help.”

Emma, Account Manager

What my clients say…


I was going through a very stressful time in my life, and it was suggested that I would benefit from coaching sessions with Cari.

In the peace and quiet of our sessions, and with Cari’s guidance, I was able to find ways to manage, reduce, and eventually elimate my stress altogether.

I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you Cari. It was pure magic!”

Margaret, Retired Music Teacher

“I’ve just finished a six session block of coaching with Cari and am so chuffed with the results!

Lifelong patterns and ways of behaving or thinking that I had just accepted would be part of who I am have been brought out and really looked at and explored.

Cari shone a light on them in such a safe and supportive way which really helped me identify ways around them. I feel so much more accepting of myself but also empowered to change things I thought could never be changed. I’m so excited to see where this all leads!”

Aileen, Clinical Psychologist

I wasn’t sure what coaching was all about until I had my first session with Cari, and I have to say it was quite an eye opener. I was at a real crossroads in my career and didn’t know which way to turn. Within just one session, Cari really helped me to identify what matters to me in my working life and with further sessions I was able to start thinking more clearly and create a plan to move forward where before I just felt totally stuck. Cari provides such a supportive space to explore and open your mind. I feel like a new person!

Katie, Programme Manager

“Cari has been a great coach and our sessions have finished with me feeling motivated, positive and much calmer than I was before.  She has helped me to set goals with more realistic expectations and more steps in between than I would have previously.  Everything feels more achievable now instead of the big, scary far-away goals I'd been setting before. She's lovely to speak with and is calm with a positive outlook.  I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.“

Kirsti, IT Support

“Wonderful coach! Cari was able to identify the main issues holding me back and guide me to few techniques to help me move past that. The session was focused and efficient, non-judgemental. I highly recommend Cari, I believe she can help everyone to achieve their full potential.”

Sevelina, Marketing Manager

Cari is supportive and extremely professional. She gets an excellent feel right away about what her client needs and how to help the client understand their feelings and find their own solutions. She has been excellent. Cari understood my situation inside-out very quickly, a bit of background information was enough for her to help me understand what would be my personal and most effective approach to complex challenging relationships and how I could possibly work it all out. So much clarity, confidence and support gained from just an hour! I definitely recommend her.

Anastasia, Teacher